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As you step into our handcrafted minimalist kitchens, your senses will come alive. The warmth and texture of the oak wood evoke a feeling of comfort and connection, while the precise craftsmanship of the joinery delights the eye. A seamless integration of form and function ensuring harmonious experience.

Welcome to Konga Kitchens!

Konga oak wood kitchens’ collection embodies the perfect fusion of architectural design and traditional craftsmanship, enveloping you in a world of soft luxury of kitchen architecture.

Our kitchens stand out with a unique set of qualities, inviting you to experience the beauty of simplicity.

A common thread that runs through all our kitchens is the exclusive use of oak wood, valued for its stability and durability. Every front in our collection is crafted from solid oak, radiating a sense of warmth and timeless elegance throughout your kitchen architecture.

We select only the finest oak wood, ensuring that each piece meets our quality standards. The result is a collection of kitchens that not only exudes beauty but also stands the test of time.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of each Konga Kitchen. Handcrafted joinery elements are meticulously integrated, showcasing the artistry and attention to detail that define our kitchens.

We believe in creating not just a kitchen, but an experience, which perfectly complements your lifestyle.

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Created by Leading Danish Architects
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Finest Quality Oak Wood
tenon kitchen 1-min
Attention to Details and Craftsmanship
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Finest Quality Oak Wood
Attention to Details and Craftsmanship
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Created by Leading Danish Architects
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Tenon Kitchen

A modern Oak Wood Kitchen architecture 

By Kristian Ahlmark

Workshop kitchen


A minimal Japandi Wood Kitchen Architecture 

by Mette Fredskild


Roots kitchen

Heritage-Inspired Kitchen Design Crafted in Wood

By Heima Architects

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It all starts by sending us information via mail.
Let us know about the following:
Which KONGA Cph kitchen do you like the most ?
When do you expect to have your new kitchen ?
Where are you located ?
What are the preliminary measurements of your kitchen ?

initial price estimation

Konga designer will respond within 24 hours with an initial price estimate. If the price meets your expectations, the Kongacph designer will schedule a TEAMS call to discuss your kitchen in detail.

This call will cover the individual adaptation of Konga kitchen design, color, and functionality aspects. We will guide you throughout the entire process.

sample kit & order

After a TEAMS call, a designated KONGA Cph designer will ship a sample kit with your preferences.
In the meantime, a detailed kitchen plan will be prepared and sent for your review. Once you are satisfied with your kitchen design, an agreement will be prepared. After agreement being signed, we roll into the production phase.

production & delivery

Production takes around 8 weeks from the day the agreement is signed.
During the production phase, we will inform you about the progress, and the KONGA Cph designer will share the moments of your kitchen from production.
All of our kitchens are delivered pre-assembled to your home.

installation & more

We keep an internal installation team with a wide range of experience working with handcrafted wood kitchens. This way, we ensure quality and integrity.
The installation period may vary based on the project, but it takes approximately 2-3 days to complete.