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KONGA Cph is a family business, and we value our production process, which is located in Lithuania. We strongly prioritize using European oak wood and ensuring a responsible supply chain.


Working with wood is a meticulous and lengthy process, as we strive to meet the highest quality standards. Our skilled craftsmen carefully trim the solid oak planks, making efficient use of the raw wood while minimizing waste. We believe in the importance of sustainability and resourcefulness, which is why we creatively reuse the oak wood off-cuts. These off-cuts find new life as kitchen drawers, kitchen insert accessories, or in our standardized 25×25 shelving system.


By prioritizing European oak wood and implementing responsible production practices, we not only create beautiful and enduring oak wood kitchen designs but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to woodworking.


At KONGA Cph, we have made oak wood the core element of our kitchen cabinets and drawers, ensuring a consistent and high-quality material throughout our collections.


Construction-wise, all our kitchens are crafted using 19mm oak veneer, a well-thought choice that guarantees durability and a standardized approach. As for the kitchen facades, they are created using either solid oak wood or oak veneer, depending on the design of the KONGA Cph kitchen.


When it comes to our drawers, each KONGA Cph collection has its own distinctive character.


In the Tenon kitchen, we showcase the art of craftsmanship with tenon-mortise joinery and a full horizontal textural alignment, which creates a seamless and refined look. This design also features a handless kitchen design, adding to its sleek and modern kitchen appeal.


The Roots kitchen offers a perfect blend of flexibility and smoothness, with rounded ends on the bottom of each drawer facade. Not only does this design enhance the aesthetic appeal, but it also provides a user-friendly experience.


For the 25×25 Workshop kitchen, simplicity, symmetry, and clean lines take center stage. We have incorporated an integrated oak wood handle that seamlessly extends from the drawer itself, offering a functional and visually pleasing element.