Mette Fredskild, Danish architect and visionary designer, is known for her distinct approach to blending Scandinavian simplicity with functional aesthetics. Her design philosophy revolves around the idea of using fewer materials and creating long-lasting products. By incorporating these principles into her own designs, Mette aims to inspire a shift towards a more sustainable and mindful lifestyle. Join us as we delve into her thoughts on design, sustainability, and the captivating allure of the 25x25 shelving system.


Where do you see this product (25x25 shelving system), ideally being used?

One of the great aspects of 25x25 shelves is their versatility in terms of use and dimensions. Initially designed for kitchen spaces, these shelves provide easy accessibility to items. They serve as an open shelf system, eliminating the need to open kitchen cabinets and search for specific items. Everything is visible and readily available, adding a stylish touch to the space. Additionally, the open shelf design encourages mindfulness and conscious decision-making, as items are on display rather than hidden away in cabinets. However, we soon realized that these bespoke 25×25 shelves can be used in various locations. Their unique feature is the ability to blur the boundaries between different spaces.


Was there a specific need that you wanted 25x25 shelving system to help with?

The key need we aimed to address with 25x25 was integration. We wanted to create furniture that can seamlessly bridge the traditionally divided rooms. The kitchen becomes a part of the living room, and the living room becomes a part of the kitchen. Workspaces are no longer confined to one specific area. By designing versatile shelves, we enable a flow of functionality across these boundaries.

What are your thoughts behind the choice of materials?

When it comes to materials, sustainability is a priority for us. We wanted to create an example of sustainable product design. For the 25x25 shelves, we exclusively use oak wood, and when the product is standardized, we make use of oak wood off-cuts, promoting the upcycling of materials. The shelves are covered with natural oils, enhancing their durability and beauty. Additionally, metal is used in some parts of the shelves, ensuring longevity and developing a beautiful patina over time.

Is there a special idea about the standardized version of 25x25 shelf unit?

Absolutely! We are currently working on a standardized version of the 25x25 shelves that can be utilized in office spaces, bedrooms, or kids’ rooms. This showcases the flexibility and functional adaptability of the design. These shelves serve as a timeless and versatile shelving solution, allowing for multi-functional use across different areas and boundaries.


Can you share your thoughts on the last implemented project with 25x25 shelves?

The most recent project highlighted the seamless integration of 25x25 shelves into common areas and working spaces. In this specific case, a freestanding 25x25 shelf was combined with closed cabinets on the lower part, providing a perfect balance of open display and concealed storage. It was a bespoke decision for a private office, showcasing the adaptability and elegance of the 25x25 design in various settings.