Just an hour’s drive from Stockholm, we discover Fanny Hamlin, who has made her sanctuary in a charming 1960’s brick house. Here, she shares her life with her husband, Jocke, and their two beloved daughters, Joni and Fleur. It’s a setting that resonates with her design sensibilities, where her artistic eye finds inspiration in the Scandinavian backdrop.

Yet, Fanny’s life is more than the idyllic family setting. She and her husband share a dynamic partnership in their own company, where they craft stories in the realm of interior design, photography, furniture, and set building.

“My work is diverse every day,” Fanny enthuses, her eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. “I love it! When I’m not on a photoshoot, you might find me in our studio, just five minutes from our house. Or, I’m in our workshop, crafting something for an upcoming project.”

Among her various roles, two are especially close to her heart. “One of my favorite aspects of my job is crafting concepts for clients,” she shares, “where I shape the entire idea for a campaign. And then, there’s the magic that unfolds on set – that’s where the true creativity comes to life.”


As for her wellspring of inspiration, Fanny’s muse knows no bounds. “I draw inspiration from various sources all the time,” she reveals. “But most of my inspiration I find in the worlds of fashion and art. Shapes and colors can also be a significant source of inspiration. It’s challenging to put into words, but suddenly, something ignites my creativity, and I conceive a new idea.”


Fanny’s heart belongs to late summer, a time when the air carries a hint of chill while the sun’s warmth envelopes everything. Their proximity to the lake allows her family to enjoy daily swims and create beautiful memories. Late August brings yet another reason to smile as the season bursts with vibrant flowers, adding a touch of magic to her days. And, as the day winds down, she revels in family gatherings in the living room. There’s nothing quite like sinking into the sofa, enveloped by the soft glow of candlelight while sipping a cup of tea every evening and sharing the stories of the day.